How To Appreciate The Way To Your Destination

IMG_2757For a traveler there are only few things in life that are worse than a job with 25 days of holidays. It’s no reason to despair but the days of backpacking 4 weeks through wilderness are over. If you follow me on Instagram you might actually realise that I found my personal way of satisfying my travel bug – there are rarely weeks when I am not on an airplane or at least discovering new streets in London. Continue reading

Walking London: From Balham to Clapham Junction

img_7751 There is a lot of Londoners who do not go to areas with two digit postcodes. The prejudice: they are boring, they are there to live and completely out of question when you want to meet up from friends from the other part of the city. I agree with the last argument, however, I completely believe that the double digit suburbs have loads to offer. This time Walking London takes you from hipster…ish Balham (SW12) to funky Clapham Junction (SW11).  Continue reading

My Favourite Ski Resorts (Part I)

img_7970-1During the winter months, I spend roughly 2 weeks skiing. For someone living in London this is already a good rate, considering that skiing also means a lot of travelling and logistics. Luckily, my parents live in the Alpine region which is why I fly home once per month during the skiing season. However, as much as I love the mountains, they have only played a small role on this blog (here and here) which is why I want to dedicate more posts to my biggest passion, all about snow, mountains, winter sports and so on. I have already posted once about my favourite ski resorts, yet, I thought I’d give it an update for Switzerland, Germany, France and Austria. Continue reading


screen-shot-2017-01-08-at-10-21-17After the longest absence that this blog has ever seen – welcome back! I hope you had a fantastic start into 2017 and some relaxing holidays beforehand. I for my part slept through new year’s and did not want to see a computer screen for two weeks (therefore no posts). That does not mean that I do not use the time to reflect my last year and to set some resolutions. One of them is to discover London more – and what better than my bucket list that should keep me busy until Easter? Here we go for a second round of activities and things that I would like to do (#1 can be found here)
Continue reading

Twinkling London

img_5597It’s no secret that my favourite season of the year is winter, in particularly Christmas time. For an entire month, from end of November to end of December, I am on cloud nine as I dance, bake, sing and decorate my way around. To me, London is one the most magical cities in the world – to give you an idea of what it’s like, here are the best things to do around London during Christmas time.  Continue reading

Bonfire Night – Guy Fawkes


It’s been a good year that I moved to England. With a new country there are new traditions and cultures that come along – for example Bonfire Night, the Guy Fawkes event. Never heard of him? The V for Vendetta masks represent Guy Fawkes. The 5th of November is a commemoration of a man who failed to blow up the parliament over 400 years ago. The fact that this is one of the most anticipated festivals in Britain can only fall under the category British humour.  Continue reading