Washington D.C., USA

IMG_7226D.C. has never been on my list for travels. Thanks to business though, I had the opportunity to spend the last two weeks in the American capital. Whilst I have always considered D.C. as a purely governmental city, I learnt that its cultural and architectural gems, as well as a very refined nightlife, make it to a great place to explore. Continue reading

USA South-West

We were in the South-West for 21 days. We, that is my family and me, in total 4 persons. Within the three weeks we crossed California, Arizona, Utah and Nevada that we traveled all by car. The trip started in Los Angeles and ended in San Francisco. You cannot believe how often I look at the photos, missing the moments when I climbed a mountain or ate a delicious slice of pizza at the sea. To give you some advice and spots that you should absolutely see when planning such a trip, I compiled my experiences. Continue reading

San Francisco, USA

During our trip through the south-west of the US, we also had a stop in San Francisco. This hilly city at the Pacific Ocean – both I can only confirm. The geographical situation combined with Victorian and Edwardian houses makes this city unique. However, I was astonished that you still find a lot free thinkers and homeless people here, due to tolerant governance and the mild climate throughout the year. This is probably a reason why I could not totally fall in love with the city.
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Los Angeles, USA

During my road trip through the South West I couldn’t miss Los Angeles, evidently. Before I haven’t expected too much, but I was positively surprised when I arrived: sun with a cooling wind from the Pacific, a beautiful landscape shaped by hills and curiosities that only exist in LA. But no true celebrity crossed my path (or is Heidi Montag one?)
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New York City, USA

Big lights will inspire you, let’s hear it for New York New York, New York… And how much those lights have inspired me. Although I only spent a few days in the city that never sleeps, I instantly fell in love with the hectic, skyscrapers, cultural differences and all the other things that it has to offer. As usual, I won’t recommend any Empire State Building tour (although it is pretty impressive) or other touristic spots – no, I will show you how I experienced the Big Apple. Continue reading

National Parks And Sin City

It’s me again. Sitting in a little shabby but comfortable hood in the forest of Yosemite National Park, I am sending you the best wishes. Here, I am enjoying the calm of the nature as another exciting week has just passed…
… it started with our arrival at Moab last Sunday. Moab can be found in Utah and is a small town surrounded by red stones. Apparently it is the Eldorado for bikers and just at the entry of Arches National Park. While my dad was biking, I primarily enjoyed our townhouse that I rented on vrbo.com. I must say, that we were really lucky as it was not only spacious but also clean, had an access to a pool and was fully equipped. 

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Episode No 1

In the desert of Arizona

Good morning,

It’s only been one week that I am in the States but I had the chance to experience tons of beautiful things during the last couple of days.
Let’s start chronologically: Well, the flight was long. It took about 20 hours as we had plenty of spare time in Montreal and were more than lucky to leave the Canadian ground due to a storm. In the end we arrived safely and picked up our spacious car.

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