Geneva Summer

IMG_6951As you might know, I always spend some summer days in Geneva, Switzerland. I call myself lucky as my parents live in such a beautiful region where you can easily spend holidays. Although I know basically every corner around the city, I am always looking forward to discovering new things that pop up during the year that I am not here. Just returned from Geneva, I share my summer findings 2016 with you. Continue reading

Far Far Away

Happy Sunday!

Hopefully you all had a blessed Christmas. I deeply apologise for my absence during the last week but as already mentioned a couple of times, I was somewhere in a cabin in the Swiss Alps in order to spend my favourite holiday. Even though snow was little, I loved our temporary home and wonder why I only did such a holiday at the age of 22. Continue reading

180 KM

Hi everybody!

Sometimes you sit in your bed at night and suddenly, there is this idea in your mind that sticks forever. This is what happened to me by the beginning of this year: While I have been close to Lake Geneva for 6 years now, I have never ever tried to circle it. Neither by car, nor by bike. In fact, most of the cities on the other side of the lake were even totally unknown to me, thus I decided to include it into my summer resolutions. Continue reading

Open Your Eyes

Happy Sunday!
Discovering your home country is a thing that we ignore by far too often. We travel around the world, to exotic destinations and forget to explore the beauty that simply is a stone throw away. Thus, I took the opportunity during the week to drive through beautiful Switzerland in order to find stunning landscapes at the end of narrow valleys and to jump into crystal clear water by the end of the day. Add the delicious picnics on top of the mountains and chocolate bars for dessert and you keep asking yourself: Why on earth do I book flights to the end of the world?

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Summer Cliche

Good morning my dears,

Sun, lake, BBQ, friends, endless talks until the early morning – I am speaking of my personal summer cliché. Guess what my week was like! The first week back home has totally fulfilled (or maybe even surpassed) my expectations of a blissful summer and reached their highlight last night with the annual Geneva fireworks.
It feels good to have a place where you can relax without feeling remorseful and every year the same people come together. It is only then that you realize how fast a year passes by and how lucky you are that you have such close friends. Continue reading

And Where Is Chocolate Hidden?

Happy Easter!

After a quite short working week, I went to my parents for this long weekend. Since they have moved into a new apartment, I was tremendously excited to explore their new place and the surroundings (that I explored, of course, jogging). Not to forget “my” chamber, a room painted in cheerful bright pink that slowly replaces my beloved green wall. Hence, I am sitting on their terrace, gazing at the beautiful lake and the mountains that are both only a couple of minutes away. Continue reading

Weekend Escape

Sun Bathing
Hellohej my dears,
I am in such a good mood today! The sun is shining and birds are singing – first signs of spring I reckon?! No thick winter coat anymore but colourful flats and light pullovers are on the agenda. Well and on top of that, it is the first family reunion for more than 6 months since my brother finally came back from New Zealand (hell, his pictures want me to leave instantly!) and I decided to join them for this weekend in Geneva home. Hence, no Paris again but regarding these great couple of days I spent here, it was so worth it!

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Ski Activities

Have I already mentioned that weather was impeccable?
Good Morning!

Yes, it is Monday morning. And I didn’t post anything yesterday – believe me, I feel as if I have betrayed you and myself.
But at least there is a simple reason for my absence on Sunday and those of you following me on Instagram already got a sneak peak (@svenjacole): I went back home to my parents, primarily to go skiing. As loyal readers, you are probably aware of my passion for mountains and snow. Therefore I packed my stuff on Friday afternoon, took a 3hrs train back home and enjoyed winter, snow and sports in a cosy atmosphere. Continue reading