How To Get Around Germany

Frankfurt RömerHappy Sunday!

As you might have guessed from my Instagram posts, I lately spent a week in Germany: I started off in Hamburg, then went down to Dusseldorf and eventually ended my little trip in Frankfurt. I ate German specialties such as Currywurst, saw my first Easter fire, went up the new tower of the European Central Bank and met a lot of friends.  Instead of sharing my impressions of each city, I’d rather want to give you tips on how to travel through the country: by plane, train, bus or car sharing.  Continue reading

Me Tarzan, You Jane

Good morning!

Despite the constant pressure to progress on my thesis, I couldn’t miss out on the chance to leave to Germany last weekend. Such an escape is perfect to turn thoughts off and to enjoy the moment. My trip brought me to Karlsruhe, Stuttgart and a little village in Swabia, where I finally learnt how to play Canasta.  Continue reading

Berlin, Germany

When I first went to Berlin in 2006, I couldn’t relate to it. My impression has changed dramatically when I took time to look around and to feel the spirit of it. Especially the historic relics make it to a very storytelling spot to go. 
After the German reunification Berlin presents itself as booming capital. Historic spots, new clubs, fashion week, politics, bohemian streets, … – you will find your place, that’s for sure.
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Idyllic Winter Days

This morning: I couldn’t resist!

Hi everyone,

Sorry for my little delay but due to great weather conditions I couldn’t stop myself from starting this Sunday on the slope. I did Nordic Skating today which was the first time for me and, believe me, my but already hurts immensely. Yet it was total fun and I am up to do it another time this week! Continue reading

East Shots

Good morning everyone!

Guess where I am sitting? In a Starbucks-alike coffee bar to get some internet access. My lovely landlord decided to resign our apartment’s contract which is why I will blog from public hotspots the next weeks. No clue where next week will be. Maybe here again: it is rather calm, food and and drinks are good and the staff is friendly. Continue reading