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Happy Sunday!

It’s been now a week that I have moved back home. I think I will manage another week but I am then so looking forward to going to Eastern Europe. By the way, if any of you have tips for Milan, Venice, Ljubljana, Zagreb, Vienna, Budapest, Praha or Warsaw (or any of their surroundings), just leave me a comment and I will check out the places. Continue reading

Reims, France

After two years in the Champagne region, I would call myself an expert for the regional hidden gems. Now, as my time here is over, I want to share them and show you the best restaurants, excursions and secrets in and around Reims. I am sure that it won’t  be your main destination, but make sure to stop by when you pass – it has a lot to offer when you know where to go.

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French Castles

When we think of French castles, we think of Versailles, its pompous gardens, Marie Antoinette and King Louis. I have already shown you the picturesque rooms a year ago and come back with the topic again. This time, though, I simply want to share some photos that I took while I discovered the region Aisne, in the North-East of Paris. These castles were mostly built in the 11th century and and only ruins are left today. Yet, once again, I was surprised how many hidden treasures you can find in France and strongly recommend to visit the French countryside instead of only sticking to Paris. I went to Fère-en-Tardenois, the abbey city of Soissons, Coucy-Le-Château (which is kind of the Carcassone of the North) and the Septmonts Dungeon. Have a great week!

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Concept Stores

Happy Sunday!

After my quick escape to Southern France, I squeezed in a stop to Paris. Since all trains in France basically pass by the capital, this is always a good way to say hello to my old home. This time, we went to the Chalet des Iles, a restaurant located in the Bois de Boulogne. Every now and then they also organise parties which was my reason to go there. Yet, I have a crush on their menu that I will try another time. Continue reading

Iles du Frioul and Calanques

Hello my dears,

In my last post I already talked and praised our day trips around Marseille. They were definitely my personal highlights during our trip and made me forget about all the stress that I have lived through for the last months. On one hand, you have the Iles du Frioul, an archipelago in front of the city and on the other, the national park of the Calanques is worth every hike you undertake to get there.

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From Shakespeare With Love

Good morning,

Friday was a special day: it was my last university exam. It feels kind of strange to approach the end in such a rapid pace. Whilst I embrace the freedom coming with the end, I am also a little nostalgic when it comes to such things. I mean, this has been my life for 4 years. 4 years of memories, stress, happiness, friends, presentations, calculations and books… Continue reading


Good morning my dears,

and a big smile from Paris. Instead of heading back to Reims straight away, I squeeze in a little stop in my old city to see friends and to soak up some Parisian spring flair (…which is rain though). I go back to uni tomorrow and feel as if I have left for holidays only yesterday. Remember: When you cram your holidays with thousands of activities, they race a million miles an hour. Continue reading