Pula, Croatia


My grandparents used to spend their holidays on the Istrian coast, so that villages like Porec and Rovinj were pretty common to me. After some research during our Interrail trip, we decided to squeeze in a few days at the beach, but in our case we went for the slightly larger city of Pula in the South of the Istrian coast. The reason was mainly practical: it’s the only city accessible by train in this area.

Our trip through the Croatian hills was like in a film: olive trees, green hills, wheat fields, stone walls and a stop in every village every ten minutes. The train was an old Swedish one with no air con (even though they said) so I spent the journey either sweating or hanging out the window (it was a slow journey, so no problem to do so). 2 hours that I kept watching outside. I believe that even 50 years ago, people experienced the same journey and were overwhelmed by the landscape.

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