Oak Trail, Epping Forest

Being far away from my beloved Alps is a lot harder than I initially thought. My longing for high peaks is constantly there – my desktop background speaks for itself. However, instead of falling into a long depression, I decided to tackle the issue differently: discover hiking routes around England. Unless I make my way to the Lake District, the Highlands or Snowdonia I need to exchange the feeling of mountaineering with long walks through forests around the Southern part of the Island. I started this morning with the nearby Oak Trial, a nice trail in zone 6 which served the purpose of walking in my new hiking boots. Continue reading

My Favourite Ski Resorts (Part I)

img_7970-1During the winter months, I spend roughly 2 weeks skiing. For someone living in London this is already a good rate, considering that skiing also means a lot of travelling and logistics. Luckily, my parents live in the Alpine region which is why I fly home once per month during the skiing season. However, as much as I love the mountains, they have only played a small role on this blog (here and here) which is why I want to dedicate more posts to my biggest passion, all about snow, mountains, winter sports and so on. I have already posted once about my favourite ski resorts, yet, I thought I’d give it an update for Switzerland, Germany, France and Austria. Continue reading


IMG_6912Before sharing my top B&B to stay in Cornwall (what to do here & where to eat here), I want to take you to Wimbledon, the famous tennis tournament in London which comes to an end today. It was my second Grand Slam as I went to Paris two years ago, and hope to see Melbourne and New York in some time, too. Last Wednesday I had the chance to visit the All English Lawn Tennis Club when matches and weather were both impeccable. Continue reading

Sports… And Sports

You might have seen it on my Instagram account: I went back to lovely Switzerland as to take some time off. I have come to realise that I was a bit wrenched out after my exam week and that some days with my family would be the best medecine to get back on track. The moment, I was back on skis, overlooked the white mountian peaks and felt the adrenaline rush, I WAS back on track and all negative thoughts vanished. Continue reading

Snowshoe Hike

Good morning and happy Sunday!

Call me childish but when I see snow, endorphins are released to their maximum. I want to run outside and spend all day playing with this wonderful texture. My passion goes as far as I even write my bachelor thesis about this topic. Being now home in Geneva, surrounded by mountains, allows me to give free rein to my obsession. Continue reading

Far Far Away

Happy Sunday!

Hopefully you all had a blessed Christmas. I deeply apologise for my absence during the last week but as already mentioned a couple of times, I was somewhere in a cabin in the Swiss Alps in order to spend my favourite holiday. Even though snow was little, I loved our temporary home and wonder why I only did such a holiday at the age of 22. Continue reading