Utila, Honduras

I can’t believe that it has been two months that I have taken my trip to Utila, one of the Honduran bay islands. It feels like yesterday that I swam through turquoise water, had huge Baleadas and danced on a pier into the night. And since it is never too late to share some memories, here is what to do (and not) in Utila.
Utila Main Street

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Football by the beach, Honduras
Football is a big topic in Central America. Messi is a god to the mostly male crowd. In the mall in La Ceiba, they constantly show matches from European Leagues, never mind the teams as long as the ball is rolling. Hence, it doesn’t surprise that football is always a great subject to talk about when working with kids. You will find at least one that is crazy about it and keeps asking you about your favourite or your city’s team. One of these children is Marcelo.  Continue reading


Honduras, Volunteering with Children
Aaron had these eyes. Even if he wasn’t in a good mood, his eyes were always shining.
It was another humid day but we could see dark clouds approaching. Some nice rain shower was expected. We had class with only four kids when we heard the first rain drops falling on the roof. We turned on the light to better work on the work sheets. The week’s topic was sports and we tried to teach the most important verbs and sports by using a crossword. Aaron wasn’t very motivated to do so and spent the hour copying of his best friend Marcelo. Continue reading

Short Stories from El Porvenir

Honduras, El Porvenir
Happy Sunday!

After seven incredible weeks in Honduras, I made it back safely to Switzerland. I still can’t believe that these last weeks happened and to remind myself of some events, I accumulated four stories that I want to share with you and that explain a bit of Honduran life. If you don’t like reading, then this is the moment to stop. But I would like to invite you to get the know the habits of this beautiful country that I could call home over summer.

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Honduras, El Porvenir, Volunteering
Paloa insisted that I came with her. She wanted to change her black skirt to some practical pants so that playing outside would be easier. Therefore we headed back to her home.
It was the second time that I accompanied Paola home. The first time she kindly asked me to stay outside the property. This time though she said that I should follow her. She smiled at me and with her two big front teeth she reminded me of a small female Ronaldinho. Continue reading

Neptune’s Paradise

Snorkeling Honduras UtilaJust look at the world around you
Right here on the ocean floor
Such wonderful things surround you
What more is you lookin’ for?

Ariel, the mermaid and Sebastian, the crab have already known what I only discovered a week ago. I dove into a new world, a real treasure although I have always considered myself as an ocean-fearing person. Yes, small fish can scare me. Yes, jellyfish are my enemy. Yes, sea urchins are devils. And don’t let us talk about sharks.  Continue reading


Banana Bread Honduras El Porvenir Volunteering
Elias took my hand. To his right, his little 4 year old brother; to his left, a white female volunteer who carries a basket full of banana bread on top of her head like an African mother. A hilarious picture.
Since we want to jump on the trampoline, Elias considered his brother too small for this activity and asked me whether he could bring him home. I told him that he was very responsible and offered to accompany them, so that Elias didn’t have to do the long way to the trampoline on his own. Off we went. Continue reading

Back To The Maya

Copan, Honduras, Pyramid
Greeks. Romans. Incas. Khmer. Egyptians. Maya. Ancient cultures fascinate me. Not to such an extent that I would photograph every single carved stone, but I am amazed by their cultivated civilization and their developed lifestyle in such an early age. Whilst I have already discovered the Greeks and Romans in Europe and the Khmer in Cambodia, it was now time to dive into a new world: the Maya. In the city of Copán in the west of Honduras I had the chance to follow their traces and spent one weekend worth storytelling. Continue reading

There Is More Than Baleadas

Honduras Breakfast
Hola todos!

Already four weeks have passed in Honduras and after my Cayos Cochinos trip, a first perception of living in El Porvenir and Pico Bonito, I want to share a topic I am very much interested in: local food. To begin with I must say, that I was quite shocked when I first arrived in Honduras, to see so many plump persons. How is this possible in a country where more than 70% live in such poverty? I quickly figured out that Hondurans love all the bad stuff coming from the US: Coke, Oreo cookies, cake frosting,… you name it. This is such a shame since the best food (what we pay so much for back home like pineapples, avocados, bananas, mangoes) grows on their trees and fields.  Continue reading

Pico Bonito Hike

Waterfall Pico Bonito Hike Honduras
Having grown up in the Alps, hiking is a routine to me. I love the freedom when overlooking valleys and mountain peaks or even touching some snow in the middle of the snow. Hiking in Honduras is slightly different though. Snow is unknown to most of the people and green wide grass fields are replaced by a wild jungle. There are only few tourists who find their way up there and if they do, they are most likely accompanied by some locals. So were we when we hiked up to the Pico Bonito Waterfalls.  Continue reading