10 + 3 Best Brunch Places In London

img_7386Now that I am working, a perfect weekend for me starts with after work drinks on Fridays, often followed by exploring London’s nightlife. The next two days are predominated by sports, discovering new things in the city or its surroundings and a good dinner with friends. Yet, to make the whole weekend great, a brunch on Sundays is not to be missed. For me, the mix between breakfast and lunch is a great way to catch up with friends which is why I am always at the lookout for new venues (this list will probably be continued…) Continue reading


Thanksgiving TurkeyHappy Sunday!

Last Thursday, I celebrated Thanksgiving for the first time. It isn’t a tradition in Britain but being in the West of Europe, I am now a lot closer to the US than I was ever before. I also chose the event as a possibility to gather with my flatmates. Hence, I organised a Thanksgiving Dinner.  Continue reading

Quinoa Bowl

Quinoa Bowl

Happy Thanksgiving!

Recently, a lot of readers contacted me and asked why I wouldn’t post any recipes anymore. Shame on me, it’s true! My last food post was a very long time ago. Call to action! We change that today as Thanksgiving is all about food, isn’t it? (my Thanksgiving menu will follow on Sunday here on the blog) Continue reading

There Is More Than Baleadas

Honduras Breakfast
Hola todos!

Already four weeks have passed in Honduras and after my Cayos Cochinos trip, a first perception of living in El Porvenir and Pico Bonito, I want to share a topic I am very much interested in: local food. To begin with I must say, that I was quite shocked when I first arrived in Honduras, to see so many plump persons. How is this possible in a country where more than 70% live in such poverty? I quickly figured out that Hondurans love all the bad stuff coming from the US: Coke, Oreo cookies, cake frosting,… you name it. This is such a shame since the best food (what we pay so much for back home like pineapples, avocados, bananas, mangoes) grows on their trees and fields.  Continue reading

Happy Food

Happy Sunday!

Happy is exactly what describes my mood this week: last Thursday, I finally handed in my bachelor thesis that has been my companion for more than 6 months now. You guess it, I feel tremendously relieved. The last days were probably some of the best I ever had: Champagne on the rooftop, long nights with friends, good music, great activities (such as lasertag) and successful shopping hauls. 4 months of holidays are coming up, after a chapter of 4 years of bachelor life. Pretty scary and yet so awesome. Continue reading

Pancake Mania

These mornings… when you don’t even want to open the blinds because you can already hear how it is pouring outside. I wouldn’t mind if it was the first time, but the entire week was predominated by rain. And I wouldn’t even mind if it was autumn, but hello!, it’s spring! On such days I have two choices: either snuggle up and pretend that I can stay in bed all day long, or actually get up and try to find some motivation to overcome this little spring blues. My weapon? Some freshly made pancakes.

Continue reading

This Is Sunday.

Macarons (2)
Hello my dears,

I am not a huge fan of routine, except for the fact that I write something here every Sunday. But even those posts don’t follow any kind of topic or structure – I write about what comes to my mind. I must admit that, today, there is not much that inspires me. Therefore I rely on an easy trick: I talk about what happened during the week. Mangoes, Marseille and motivation. Continue reading

Italian Fingerfood

After three weeks of intensive work, a long weekend feels like a one-month-holiday. You know the one we usually have in summer when warm temperatures allow us to sit outside until midnight. To intensify this feeling, my last days were all about friends and get together. Only yesterday, we had a great dinner night when we chatted and laughed over some delicious appetizers. Continue reading

Missing Mountains


A little bit of tinkering

It’s Sunday and I couldn’t be happier. Whilst I had gone through two very tough months, the last week was such a joy. I mainly feel that way because temperatures eventually fell so that I can almost smell all the lovely Christmas scents. You know me, I am a sucker for everything cold, snowy, wintery. But my happiness also comes from the great people I have around me. Since so much pressure fell of last weekend (see here), I fully enjoyed interacting with people instead of only talking to my computer. For instance, I invited my friends over to dinner and we had a typical Swiss cheese fondue. I followed this recipe replacing the Camembert with Emmentaler, which turned out to be a huge success. Continue reading