Office Wear Inspiration

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 11.21.07Underdressed? Overdressed? Everyone knows that problem, regardless the occasion. I am currently debating about what to wear in regards of my first job. I have only been to the office once and while guys mostly run around in suits, we girls have so much choice to play with. Yet, it must meet the office’s tenor. So for the past weeks, I have been rummaging through the internet to find some inspiration… and tomorrow is entirely dedicated to a shopping marathon in London.  Continue reading

Spring/Summer Wish List ’16

Happy Sunday!

I am currently in my last exam revision (ever!). Yet, when it comes to revising, I turn into the queen of procrastination. Instead of reading and writing, I go for a walk, watch travel reports on the Internet, plan future trips or glimpse at the new collections… all done this weekend. In autumn, I published my autumn/winter wish list, so I thought it’s time for a spring/summer wish list. Travelling to Spain in two weeks is probably the best reason to invest into some thoughtfully chosen items.

Wish List SS 2016.jpg

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The British Weather

Kensington Garden, London, England
Happy Sunday,

At one point of time I think it is time to talk about a very British phenomena (and not only because it’s pouring right now): the weather. This beautiful island is known for its rain, but there is more than simply some rain showers. They are the reason why I bought some wellies and an umbrella as soon as I came here – and I need them regularly. Yet, in the past weeks we have been very lucky and had some sunny autumn days with literally no cloud hanging in the sky. While I adore such conditions back in Switzerland, I quickly learnt that these days differ a lot from what I was used to. Even if the sun is shining, it can be horribly cold because of two factors: wind and humidity. England is famous for strong and cold winds, especially in the midlands. Humidity adds up to it and emphasises any condition – while in Honduras, I had to cope with humidity that led to 45°C, it decreases temperature by 5°C here. All in all, I must get used to the weather here and I hence invested into some other imperative items to avoid any colds. Continue reading

Autumn Wish List ’15

Autumn Fashion Wish List

Happy Sunday,

When there was one thing I missed in Honduras, it was cooler temperatures. The humidity killed me, which is why I fully enjoyed the last days back home where we had some sunny autumn days. I took some walks along horse ranches and pumpkin fields, went to my first ice hockey match ever, hiked trough the Swiss Alps, and socialised with my friends. Autumn is also the time of the year when fashion blogs begin to flourish because, according to most of the bloggers, autumn is their favourite season for dressing up. Although I am not a fashion blogger, I totally agree with this point of view.  Continue reading

A Treat To Myself

Happy Sunday!

With a month of delay, spring has finally arrived in Reims. I now fully incorporate pastel colours into my clothes choice and enjoy a coffee on the market place after classes. Spring also reminds of the fact that this will all be over soon, more precisely that there is only ONE week of classes left. Then my life as bachelor student, eventually comes to end.  Continue reading

Post Exam Well-Being

A perfect winter day for me consists of a long walk through deep snow, a wonderful tea and eventually a cosy fire place. Unless… Perfect is rarely reality. In fact, a winter day consists of cold feet, an sugary coke and a radiator that dehydrates my whole body. Such a lifestyle is not only horrible for my outer appearance but has also an effect on my inner mood – consequence: I am stressed, nervous and tired. Continue reading


Quite a surprise that exam time turns out to be one of the most peaceful times of my year. I cannot say whether it is truly the case or whether I only perceive it that way since it got cold here and I eventually spotted first snow flakes (I swear it!). Anyways, I fully appreciate the month of December although I have another 3 exams to go. Continue reading