Sofitel, Munich

As a consultant I am a frequent traveler by the virtue of my job. I spend a lot of time on trains, on taxis, at airports and in hotels. Last week I had the chance to stay in the Sofitel in Munich and since I would consider it as one of the best hotels that I have ever stayed in, I wanted to share my experience with you. 

From the outside, the Sofitel appears grandeur. Yet when inside, a very modern contrast welcomes you. Colourful art is hanging on the already red walls and a glass ceiling open up the already wide spaced entrance hall. You might think that it is a bit over the top, but somehow the interior is balanced. Being next to Munich’s central station makes to more than easily accessible and it has nothing to do with some of the ususal “station hotels”.

I got an upgrade to a Luxury Room on the 7th floor, allowing for a great view over Munich. The bed was so big that I could have easily slept side-wise and my shower could have hosted another 3 people. The spacious room catered to everything that you could wish for: Nespresso machine, large TV, different charging adaptors, a fluffy carpet, and an inspirational interior design, especially as it added an extra twist by the intelligent lighting system throughout the room. You see, I was simply stunned.

If I was stunned by the room, the SO SPA took it to another level. It’s a very dark and intimate space but exactly the wellness area that you would need before an important presentation in the next morning. I enjoyed the Sauna, the Hamman as well as their Jacuzzi and if I had had more time, I would have booked a massage as well. Even if you don’t stay in the Sofitel, the SO SPA is also accessible for external guests – you should treat yourself.

Eventually, let me finish with the breakfast. I normally wouldn’t mention it as I am usually a big fan of hotel breakfast anyway. However, they did not only have 12 different juices (among them: apple with beetroot, carrot with ginger and orange, apple with avocado and spinach) but they also catered to my gluten intolerance – still a very rare occasion in Germany. I cannot express my excitement enough about having been able to eat a muesli!

I hope my excitement about the Sofitel comes across – if you are not convinced yet, you are absolutely missing out! Given that it is a 5 star hotel, you might be worried that it is very expensive. Let me tell you a secret: if you travel from London to Munich with British Airways and book a hotel with them, a night at the Sofitel only costs about 60 Pounds.


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