Barcelona – una otra vez!

Whilst it took me 24 years to first visit Barcelona, I have now been in the Catalonian Capital twice within a year. Last weekend I met up with some uni friends as one of us is currently living here. The visit was less about discovering the touristic gems in the city, but to have a good time longtime friends. 

Nevertheless, we started Friday off with some touristy things – we entered the Sagrada Familia (make sure to book tickets for as early as possible in the morning) and the Casa Mila. Both buildings were impressive and since I only looked at them from the outside last time, it was refreshing to see the inside. Once we ticked off the touristy things, we wandered around the city, had a siesta and got ready to discover Barcelona’s nightlife: we partied through the night at Les Enfants and Rei de Copes – both bars/clubs that I can only recommend.

On Saturday, after having slept mere 3 hours I went for a run by the beach – I am usually not a big fan of running, but the Barcelona beach is always fun! On my way back I had a quick snack at Flax & Kale. Their food is not only instagram worthy and incredibly delicious, but it’s also catering to food intolerances. Afterwards, my friends showed us around places that I haven’t seen during my last visit, such as the Arc de Triomphe and the Parc de Ciutadella where all locals hang out on a sunny weekend. We headed  to the beach afterwards (2nd time on that day) to grab a burger at Bacoa (yummy!). We finished at the Bunkers del Carmel on top of a hill to admire a picturesque view over the city and a warming sunset – a pretty damn perfect day!

On Sundays, after 3 hours of sleep again – we partied in SOHO The Club until the early morning – I went for another run at the beach. On my way back to our nice flat (here), I grabbed a coffee at Rüstik, a very cute Sandwicheria. As most of us had to catch a plane on Sunday, we wanted to chill as much as possible, wandering around the small streets in the El Raval and visited a hidden art market in a very artistic house.

Needless to say that I had a fantastic time in Barcelona. Yes I didn’t sleep enough and I walked/ran too far (nearly 100 km in 3 days and nights), but I discovered new places in this wonderful city with people that I miss throughout the year.


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