Hy – what? Following lifestyle trends, you might have come across the Danish phenomena of Hygge, the way of cosy living. For a long time I have been wondering what I love most about Scandinavia and why I get so well along with people: having familiarized myself with Hygge over the past few months, I somehow found an answer.

It is a rather difficult to describe Hygge as it includes an entire lifestyle. It’s about candles, fireplaces, nature, family, interior, fashion. For instance, I spent a very hygge Easter weekend with my family in Germany this year, drinking coffee and tea, sitting in front of the fireplace and talk about family history. Hygge is when I can’t be bothered to go on Saturday nights but stay home and read books. My escape to Norway (including warm woolen jumpers) last autumn was hygge. Just having a BBQ with friends is hygge.

I am not spending your meaningful time trying to explain what it is – the literature covers it enough. Yet, I found myself in a lifestyle that I didn’t know that I was living. I am not enjoying spending nights being drunk in night clubs and dancing to electro music, but I am happy playing board games with friends on a Friday night. Simply, hyggeligt!




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