My Favourite Interior Shops in London

I love my London flat and I always watch out for amazing interior items that I could add. On a free Saturday, you probably find me in some of my favourite interior stores where I get lost and carefully select items for my flat. Given that I put so much thought into decor, I thought that I should share my favourite decor shops in London with you. Happy shopping! 

If you are outside from the UK, you are most likely unfamiliar with Joy. It’s a British chain which has decorative items, clothes and small gifts. For me the shop is pure joy as I always find something that I need to buy – even if it’s only one of their great birthday cards. Beside their great range of coffee table books, I am a big fan of their dresses!

Oliver Bonas
The concept is very similar to Joy, yet the decoration department is a bit more sophisticated. Again, I find millions of items that I could add to our flat – all of them come with Scandinavian simplicity that I love!

Given that most of these stores come in bigger sizes, the term concept store is what I would use for Anthropolgie. I am a big fan of all their plant pots, kitchen items and rugs that add a colourful, but Scandinavian touch to your room. My favourite shop is the one on King’s Road in Chelsea.

Whilst the above mentioned are chains, Inspitalfields can only be found in Spitalfields Markets in East London. From their clocks to maps to little gadgets, it’s a heaven alike place to me that I can get lost in for hours. They have very stylish London related decor that is great to express the love for this city or to bring as a present.

Sass & Belle
This place is a bit more quirky – but well chosen items can give your place a very personal touch. They have four stores in London, one of them some 10 minutes away from my flat. I think that Sass & Belle has an incredibly personal touch which is why I love to spend time in the store.

Zara Home
This one is the most global player in the list – but all of us who have been in a Zara Home know what I am talking about: I LOVE IT! You can get some basics or pimp your living room with a quirky vase. Prices are a bit higher than in the other stores presented, however sales are a true bargain at Zara Home. And since it’s opposite my office there is no reason not to go there!


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