10 + 3 Best Brunch Places In London

img_7386Now that I am working, a perfect weekend for me starts with after work drinks on Fridays, often followed by exploring London’s nightlife. The next two days are predominated by sports, discovering new things in the city or its surroundings and a good dinner with friends. Yet, to make the whole weekend great, a brunch on Sundays is not to be missed. For me, the mix between breakfast and lunch is a great way to catch up with friends which is why I am always at the lookout for new venues (this list will probably be continued…)

1. The Table Café
Located next to the Tate Modern in Southwark, the Table Café is the perfect location to start a day in the city. Their menu is vast with typical items such as eggs, pancake and waffles, but it also offers new culinary twists like their bruschetta with tomato, avocado, pesto and poached eggs.

2. Greenberry Café
Despite plenty of opportunities to brunch on Camden High Street, the Greenberry Café is a hidden gem as the service is incredibly personal. The eggs come from a nearby farm, and are served with so much love that this is my go to spot when in the North.

3. Milk
The instagrammers among you have probably seen shots from the small place in Balham. There is hardly no one not taking a picture of what is presented on the plates. When I tried the classic eggs I was surprised by the sauce which came with a hint of poppy and vanilla – one of the best breakfasts ever!

4. Sunday
I came across this place by pure coincidence – but it captured my heart. It’s a popular place on weekends, but if you make it before 11am, you should avoid queues. Their diversified menu makes easy to find something for you and your friends. That being said, the area between Highbury & Islington and Angel has a long list of good brunch places (The Blue Legumes, The Elk in the Wood,…)

5. Van Gogh Café
While looking for a new flat, I found this little café, far away from tourists (and overpriced menus). People are incredibly friendly and are very flexible to change the menu according to your wishes. Especially in summer, their little terrace facing a calm side street makes you believe that you live in a small town, rather than in an 8 million people metropole.

6. Barber & Parlour | Albion Counter 
Shoreditch is known for its trendy venues. Barbour and Parlour is definitely one of them as it combines restaurant, barber shop, cinema and various other things in one building. Nevertheless, their food is incredibly good and a great hang out place on Sundays (on Redchurch street, I also really like Albion Counter, where you have a breakfast buffet!)

7. Barrio
As Shoreditch a couple of years ago, Brixton is on its transformation to become the-place-to-be. Barrio lightens up your day in two ways: the colourful façade puts you in a happy mood and the brunch with a Latin influence exceeds all expectations. Their Huevos Rancheros are my favourite as they remind me firmly of my Honduran breakfasts.

8. Breakfast Club
This restaurant is probably the most known among tourists as it offers brunch throughout the day. Their menu is good and always a good choice when around a neighbourhood that I don’t know. However, the queues can be daunting which is why I normally try to be there early.

9. Yosma
How about changing this a bit today and opting for a Turkish inspired lunch? Instead of jumping on a plane to Istanbul, Yosma transports you directly into the oriental world. Their Turkish Breakfast platter is great to share among friends, my favourite are the Eggs Menemen!

10. Dishoom
Dishoom holds a big name within the city – as a lunch or dinner spot. But I have made the experience that their breakfast items with Indian twists are as good as the rest of their menu. The Iranian dish Akuri is probably my fave.

+1. Boys N Berry
I came across this place on instagram and on a free weekend, I took my friend there. Not only that is a gluten-free and vegan heaven, but the food is also beyond delicious. Quinoa porridge with berries and coconut is what I had and it was amazing.

+2. Granger & Co | Goode & Wright | Lowry and Baker
Lately, I discovered Notting Hill a bit more and oh my – it’s nearly Brunch heaven (well most of London is). Choose any of the 3 above – my fave is currently Granger & Co – and you are good to go for a wonderful brunch. One tip: Lawry is super small, so be there very early to get a table.

+3. Nopi
Nopi is just around the corner from my office and a staple when we have business breakfast. But hey, it’s always a good spot to go! My favourite is definitely the shakshuka which is baked eggs with spicy tomatoes and beans. This is how I start my working day!


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