Mountain Love

b4689-img_0454I have written about many things for years now, but there is one passion that I have only touched little. And when I browse the World Wide Web there are few Blogs that actually write about one topic: the love for  mountains. 

For someone who grew up in the mountains the sheer majestic shapes belong to your daily life. I used to get up and stared at the sunrise behind the highest mountain in Europe, the Mont Blanc. Due to my job, I now moved further away from the Alps, but my love for mountains has grown even bigger. When people ask me whether I like London, I don’t hesitate a second to shout YES and to add “but I miss the mountains”. My colleagues officially announced me crazy the day that they realised that I have a mountain phone case, read a book about mountaineering, ordered new posters for my room (guess what – mountains!) and booked flights to Munich and Geneva. 
I am lucky enough that I have family in Geneva and a lot of client projects in Munich. Whenever I can combine work with leisure (such as a few weekends ago in Bavaria) I try to do so.

But where does the fascination for mountains come from? First, I love to see things from the top, it could be on an airplane, climbing the highest tower in a city or mesmerizing at landscapes from a mountain top. The view is always stunning. Secondly, the freedom that you feel on top of a mountain is unbelievable, it’s like nothing can stop you, only nature or yourself are your enemies up there, and your thoughts float freely around. Thirdly, to get to a mountain top, endurance, persistence and ambition is required. All of these qualities are strengths to me that stand for achievement (this is a very personal view and I understand people who are of different opinion).

I would like to take you to this fascinating world from time to time and will post mountain-related posts. In Winter, they will mostly evolve around skiing (what else?) and in summer hiking – the latter even surprisingly easy to do in the UK!


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