London Bucket List (#1)

London Bucket ListI still can’t believe that from next week I will call London home. Honestly, I can’t wait to move into our new flat, to discover the surrounding area and to explore this unbelievably attractive city. As a lover for lists I often make a bucket list of things that I want to do before I leave a specific place. It usually ends with me running around from A to B in the last week as I need to squeeze in that hike, museum and restaurant. This time though, the plan is different: here comes my first bucket list for things that I want to do in London until Christmas. 

Go to the National History Museum: ever since I have seen the dinosaur skeleton in “Night at the Museum”, this museum was in my mind. Rainy autumn weekends are perfect to finally go there.

Have a brunch in Shoreditch: as the new hipster place, Shoreditch comes up with amazing brunch venues that I need to try for a lazy weekend

Walk around Battersea Park: I have heard that Battersea Park is really beautiful and I imagine it to be even more picturesque when leaves fall off the trees.

Watch Les  Miserables: as my Mom loves this musical, I grew up with the music. Yet, I have never made it to the fantastic show. And since she visits in some weeks, it would a great mother-daughter activity.

Visit the Olympic Park: with the Olympics just ended, I need to see the London venue very soon. As a sports fanatic, I already get excited while writing this down. Not to forget, that they have the longest and tallest slide there!

Visit a bar in a former lavatory: it sounds strange but it is quite a hype in London at the moment. Old public lavatories are refurbished to host long party nights. There is one only 10 minutes from my new flat.

Relax in St. Dunstan in the East: in the middle of The City where major deals are concluded, the old church is a place of silence and invites to relax. I basically just want to read a chapter on my book on one of their benches.

You guessed it right, the next Bucket list will come after Christmas. And don’t worry, I will take you to all these beautiful places and document them on the blog.

Have a great Sunday!


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