Washington D.C., USA

IMG_7226D.C. has never been on my list for travels. Thanks to business though, I had the opportunity to spend the last two weeks in the American capital. Whilst I have always considered D.C. as a purely governmental city, I learnt that its cultural and architectural gems, as well as a very refined nightlife, make it to a great place to explore. Continue reading

London Bucket List (#1)

London Bucket ListI still can’t believe that from next week I will call London home. Honestly, I can’t wait to move into our new flat, to discover the surrounding area and to explore this unbelievably attractive city. As a lover for lists I often make a bucket list of things that I want to do before I leave a specific place. It usually ends with me running around from A to B in the last week as I need to squeeze in that hike, museum and restaurant. This time though, the plan is different: here comes my first bucket list for things that I want to do in London until Christmas.  Continue reading

Let Go The Student Life

class photoI am just about to board my plane for Washington, DC! Not only that I am excited about spending my next 10 days there, but I am also looking forward to sharing my impressions with you afterwards. Recently, this blog suffered from a lack of pictures (thank you, dissertation!), but this will definitely change after my US trip. As this trip is also the start of a new chapter in my life, it’s time to look back at my 5 years of university life.  Continue reading

Office Wear Inspiration

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 11.21.07Underdressed? Overdressed? Everyone knows that problem, regardless the occasion. I am currently debating about what to wear in regards of my first job. I have only been to the office once and while guys mostly run around in suits, we girls have so much choice to play with. Yet, it must meet the office’s tenor. So for the past weeks, I have been rummaging through the internet to find some inspiration… and tomorrow is entirely dedicated to a shopping marathon in London.  Continue reading

5 Weekend Trips

Bordeaux, Marrakech, Liverpool,  Lisbon, BolognaAs the start date for my first job approaches fast (too fast, as I still have to finish my dissertation…), I also realise that I will soon be bound to a limited number of holidays throughout the year. The pain for every traveller! My solution? Weekend trips satisfy the travel bug. Paris, Rome, Barcelona… all cities that come first to your mind, but how about the 5 alternatives that I present you today?  Continue reading

Data Break

IMG_7070I don’t want to stare at that screen anymore. Not a single second. No data anymore. No numbers to be analysed. 

This is how I felt last Sunday and the reason why I didn’t post anything. I am in the middle of my master dissertation and as much as I like using my computer, there is this one point when I can’t stand it anymore. This moment, when I need to break out, leave my room, socialise or go for a long walk along the fields (where I took these pictures). It’s a mini detox from my boring routine. Continue reading

Geneva Summer

IMG_6951As you might know, I always spend some summer days in Geneva, Switzerland. I call myself lucky as my parents live in such a beautiful region where you can easily spend holidays. Although I know basically every corner around the city, I am always looking forward to discovering new things that pop up during the year that I am not here. Just returned from Geneva, I share my summer findings 2016 with you. Continue reading

Copenhagen, Denmark

You know how much Scandinavia, and in particular Stockholm, has captured my heart, but the Danish capital doesn’t need to hide: the world’s best hot dogs, hippie cultures and cool people all over the place. And again, it’s famous for a Little Mermaid that should not be symbol for Copenhagen’s grandeur.


Continue reading